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Advantages of waterproof flooring

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Waterproof flooring is a very popular option among homeowners due to how similar it looks with hardwood flooring. It is particularly popular for kitchen and bathroom applications for being durable and easy to clean.

A synthetic cousin of linoleum, vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant, versatile, and provides good durability for the cost. Thanks to a number of advances over the years, today’s vinyl floors are attractive and economical, and can be used both at home and offices, with lasting durability and great looks.

Facts about waterproof flooring

If you love the homey appeal of a wood look floor, but you know there’s too much risk of water damage to attempt it, then perhaps waterproof flooring is the right floor covering for your home. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds and enough peace of mind to make it all worthwhile. It doesn’t matter whether you’re worried about spills, humidity or pet accidents, this is a flooring that will stand up to it all.

Atlantic Coast Flooring has plenty of experience in flooring, and we’re willing to put that to work to help you find the perfect floor covering. As a family owned business, you can count on us to know the importance of meeting all your needs, as well as providing service you can count on. Our showroom is located in Deerfield Beach, FL, and we welcome a visit from you. Stop by and let our flooring specialists answer all your questions and show you the best products in our lineup.


Introducing waterproof flooring

When it comes to waterproof flooring, you actually have a few options. You can choose from vinyl, WPC, ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate, and in some cases, even waterproof carpet. Another option would be rubber, but the applications for such a material are limited.

All flooring in this niche has layers. A backing layer, a waterproof core, a design layer and a wear layer. The waterproof core is made up of components that do not absorb water, so they don’t swell up and become damaged. This type of flooring can withstand flood conditions and never require replacement.

Some companies might try to sell you water resistant flooring by saying it’s just as good. We assure you, however, it is not. Water resistant material can withstand spills, humidity and moisture up to a certain extent, however if the mess is left for more than 24 hours or so, the material will begin to soak up the water, eventually causing damage. If this become a regular occurrence, you’ll wind up having to replace your floors much sooner than you should have to.

This material is quick and easy to install, which means that your installers won’t be in your way for very long. While some homeowners opt to make this a DIY project, we suggest you take advantage of our professional installation, for the most worry-free floor available. That way, once the job is done, you can call us if you experience any problems at all.

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