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4 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring

Why choose vinyl flooring? The 80’s cheap look vinyl is out and new vinyl floors are the fastest growing flooring on the market. Durable and resilient, with plenty of natural looks to choose from, vinyl is the hippest new kid on the flooring block.

When you think about vinyl flooring, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Outdated and out of style bathroom flooring straight out of a time machine? The go-to low cost option for many decades, vinyl flooring was perceived as “cheap”. It developed a bad rep, causing a wide array of deluxe flooring materials to hit the market. With more options available these past few decades, poor vinyl has been replaced with “modern” and “trendy” flooring options.

Recently reborn, vinyl flooring is making a comeback! Now vinyl is the “modern” and “trendy” flooring option on the market. Technologically advanced, vinyl flooring is now being recognized for the amazing and versatile flooring that it truly is: The flooring of the future. You on board yet? Let’s chat about the why.


Many of today’s vinyl flooring options have multiple layers: wear layer, protective clear layer, print layer, cushion layer, and the physical vinyl backing layer. Extra layers = extra durable. The top wear layer gives your vinyl flooring that extra umph. It’s like your personal body guard for the normal wear and tear in your home, ensuring its beauty for decades to come.


Who doesn’t love a great deal? Weirdos. People I don’t understand. So are you ready for a smoking deal? Vinyl often uses recycles materials–this means you pay less. Vinyl is a favorable option for anyone who is concerned with choosing a high quality green flooring option while remaining within budget. I hate choosing between things I want, and I bet you do too. With vinyl, you get the best of every world.


Many companies have jumped head first into the vinyl movement. That means options. We like options. They are like choices without the sacrifice.

Easy to clean and maintain

Vinyl is the ideal flooring for households with people of all ages. Have a spill? No problem. Just wipe it up with a cloth. Pets? Easy. A quick wipe and disinfecting of the area will do the trick. That’s why vinyl flooring is perfect for family rooms, kitchens, and virtually anywhere in your home. Vinyl’s quick clean surface is not easily penetrated by water, oil, chemicals, or grease. Just try to clean up spills right away to avoid any damage.

For day to day cleaning, typically all you need is normal sweeping, dust mop, or vacuuming. Use your best judgment to determine how frequently you need to clean, and it is always a good idea to also check with the manufacturer to see if they recommend certain cleaning solutions or routines for your particular vinyl flooring.

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