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Wood Flooring Texture Trends

There are so many factors that make up the look of a gorgeous wood floor. Color is often the first thing people think of, but texture can make even more of a statement. Both good and bad.

You’ll notice that, in 2017, flooring is all about texture. In fact, companies are going through so much trouble to add texture to smoother surfaces to give homeowners the rustic, earthy feel that is so in right now.

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Wood Flooring Buying Guide

There is so much to think about when you purchase a new wood floor, but with our Buyer Basics Wood Flooring tutorial, we will answer all your questions and get you on your way to your perfect floor!

New flooring is a great way to improve your home, but not a lot of us know how to get started. There are so many options! Should you get carpet or tile? Porcelain tile or ceramic tile? What about wood, or bamboo? Wait, is cork flooring a real thing?

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Wood Floor Layout & Pattern Trends

People are getting ultra creative when it comes to the layout of their floor. Patterns, angles, you name it. Of course, not all patterns are created equal.

There are plenty of dated pattern looks or patterns that only work in specific situations. However, there are plenty of hot looks going on right now that anyone can rock with the right modern decor.

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Wood Floor Finishing Trends

Gone are the days of ultra glossy finishes. Homeowners are now choosing understated, flat finishes with less shine.

Just like photos, glossy is just that – glossy; reflecting light, shiny, lustrous and practically unignorable. Matte finish is that flat finish that your fingers don’t stick to. It can look dull, but it looks much more natural and is often a stylistic choice for both flooring and photos.

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What is Vinyl Flooring? Benefits and Limitations.

Vinyl flooring is like the Generation Z flooring. No, it’s not just for teenagers and people in their 20s; it is representative of our current culture and desires. Everything these days is about ease, efficiency and technology. I’m pretty sure Siri can order a pizza for me, so all of my home investments better be able to keep up with the times!

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What is Linoleum Flooring? How it Differs from Vinyl Flooring?

Linoleum is made from all natural materials, including linseed oil, rosin, broken down wood and others. This is one of linoleum’s highest selling points – all natural without emitting any harmful chemicals. Linoleum is also known for its resiliency. Resiliency when it comes to flooring means that the floor is flexible and has some “give” to it. This makes it possible to install the flooring in areas where harder flooring options like tile and natural hardwood would not do well.

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Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

There is a common confusion between laminate and vinyl flooring. Vinyl has a natural resistance to water and moisture, whereas laminate is typically more susceptible to damage when moisture is present.

Classic laminate construction is made of wood particles, which is likely to swell when moisture is heavy. If you choose to purchase laminate, your best investment is choosing a product with an HDF core. These provide greater resistance to swelling with moisture.

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Vinyl as a Viable Waterproof Flooring Option

If you are like me, you may immediately think of vinyl records, or perhaps vinyl shower curtains, or maybe even the old vinyl flooring you saw in your grandparent’s house when you were a kid when you think about Vinyl.

Get that out of your mind – vinyl is now a flooring solution. Not only that, but it is one of the most popular flooring options in the world.

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Trendy Laminate Flooring Looks

Similar to tile and vinyl, laminate flooring is upping the ante on realistic wood looks. Once upon a time, you could only get the smooth, basic, not-even-believable wood looks.

Now, you will find laminate flooring available in styles that mimic current wood flooring trends. And chances are, you won’t even know they’re laminate.

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