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Wood Flooring Buying Guide

There is so much to think about when you purchase a new wood floor, but with our Buyer Basics Wood Flooring tutorial, we will answer all your questions and get you on your way to your perfect floor!

New flooring is a great way to improve your home, but not a lot of us know how to get started. There are so many options! Should you get carpet or tile? Porcelain tile or ceramic tile? What about wood, or bamboo? Wait, is cork flooring a real thing?

New flooring should be exciting, not confusing! Read on for our crash course in flooring basics, so you can stop worrying and start building your dream home.

Wood Options

Engineered hardwood

If you want the classic look of hardwood floors, opt for engineered hardwood. Easier to clean and install than traditional hardwood, yet harder to damage, engineered hardwood is the modern way to get that classic feel. For a contemporary twist on the natural look, check out wider panels, which can open up a space, or consider slanted installation. Try a whitewashed wood for a coastal feel, or wire-scraped for a rustic look that hides the natural wear and tear of a lived-in home.


If you love the polished look of wood but want an eco-friendly alternative, bamboo is a great choice. Easy to clean and durable, bamboo delivers a crisp, modern feel. If your space is high traffic (commercial or if you’ve got teenagers), opt for strand woven bamboo, which is some of the hardest wood flooring around. However, if you’ve got a vintage vibe, you may want to stick with engineered wood, which offers a more antique look.


Being on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Laminate flooring delivers the look of sleek wood for a fraction of the cost. Unlike wood, which is vulnerable to dents and scratches, laminate flooring is manufactured to hold up for the long haul (with a warranty to prove it!). Laminate is also resistant to moisture and stains, making it perfect for a kitchen, and also great for a half bathroom. While it’s not actually wood, laminate flooring provides consistent quality, as there’s no chance of a defect, like in the real stuff. Also, gone is the day of messing with glue (and fearing an unsightly peeling effect). Most modern laminate flooring installs easy-peasy with a click-lock system.


For a unique, rustic and eco-friendly spin on wood, check out cork flooring. Great for a den or a basement, cork flooring is soft on the feet and environment. It provides good insulation for sound and heat – perfect for a noisy playroom or a man-cave. Grab some samples and see how they feel in the space. You might be surprised at how perfect it is.

Just like buying new clothes, the best way to discover which flooring fits best is to try it on. Contact a Flooring Inc sales rep who can hook you up with free samples to take home with you. Seeing the different options in your own space will help the choices become clear, and your vision become a reality.

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