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Laminate Flooring Color Trends

Laminate looks this year are trending towards modern and beachy. You’ll see some old favorites and a new kid on the block.

Like other flooring options, most of these color trends lean towards the more extreme options, making the milder, natural browns slightly less sought after for the moment.

White Washed Laminate

White washed laminate gives the allure of a California beach house. Modern and trendy, but laid back and cool. This trend is extending outside of the typical vacation rental and making its way into homes all over the country.

Let’s be honest about white floors for a hot second. White shows ev-er-y-thing. Dirt, dust, scrapes, you name it. While the light, bright look will make your home look larger and more open, white is a needy color, and it’s not for everyone.

This look is cool, but homeowners will soon be onto something else. Probably a more natural blonde wood look that we’re already starting to see popping up.

Blonde Laminate

Why blonde? So many reasons! Light, bright blonde laminate floors make your space look big and bright. Unlike white floors, they are less likely to appear dingy and dirty, so they basically give you the best of both worlds!

Additionally, blonde is on the newer end of the trend spectrum so you won’t see too many homes that have gotten the memo just yet. That means, if you jump on board soon, you will look like a total trendsetter once it really takes off.

I anticipate we’ll see blonde laminate flooring for the next few decades and, possibly, beyond.

Gray Laminate

Gray flooring has been exploding in a big way, and laminate floors are no exception. You’ll see gray floor, gray decor, gray walls, you name it – gray is in.

Gray laminate flooring appears to be here for the long haul. If you like it, go for it – it’s not going anywhere soon!

Espresso Laminate

Chic, modern, sleek espresso laminate floors are quickly becoming a staple in contemporary, urban homes. Dark floors have always screamed elegance to me (although, elegance would probably politely speak in an inside voice, rather than scream). These rich, deep colors look as gorgeous in laminate as solid hardwood.

While these dark floors are beautiful, they can tend to make your room look small and show dirt/dust more easily. While light colors brighten your room and immediately make the space look bigger, dark colors tend to do the opposite. And we’ve all seen those black cars after a windy day – Dust City.

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