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Solid Hardwood: Benefits and Drawbacks

Solid hardwood is just that: made up of solid wood through the entire plank. Hardwood flooring is made from yours truly: Mother Nature; solid hardwood is made out of thick solid wood planks with a thin wood veneer on top. All that fancy wording means the product is hand scraped and durable, making it built to last. Keep in mind, with solid hardwood, though its elegance preserves, it can double in dollar signs depending on the color and style you prefer.

Benefits of Solid Hardwood

Refinish to look like new. Unlike Engineered hardwood, solid wood can be refinished which means with just a bit of elbow grease you can rebuff the product to look brand new. Solid hardwood can be sanded down and refinished several times

Bragging rights. Know what that means? It’s time to put on a show for your friends and family to show off your beautifully polished and elegant solid hardwood floors, and make sure they know it’s solid hardwood.

Drawbacks of Solid Hardwood

Cost. Solid hardwood is made out of 100% wood, making it a higher-cost product. If you’re looking for the consistency and appearance of solid hardwood without a budget in mind. Solid hardwood may be right for you.

More challenging installation. Unlike engineered hardwood, solid hardwood has a little more process to installation. For further installation steps please check out Solid Plank Flooring Installation – on Installation Information.

Fewer options. Wood does not always come in various colors and texture. Solid hardwood comes strict color depending on which wood style you prefer.

Expansion/contraction. Solid hardwood can expand and contract due to changes in temperature. We recommend to leave ¾” expansion space around the perimeter of the area.

Best Uses for Solid Hardwood

Entry and upper levels only. For peace of mind, installing solid hardwood is ideal for ground and upper level areas in your home. Solid hardwood is not ideal for your basement due to moisture issues.

Humidity controlled environment. Some like it hot! Solid hardwood does not. Keep in mind that higher humidity increases the potential for expansion and contraction.

Rooms without a lot of water (no bathrooms or kitchens). Just like engineered wood, this guy does not want to go on Splash Mountain.

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